Baseboard radiator installation.

Copper fin-tube baseboards are the American counterpart to the European steel panel radiator. These baseboard radiators are quite common in colder parts of the US, especially the eastern half of the country. This type of baseboard is easily retro-fitted into existing spaces and can be painted to match any decor.

Since the actual radiator is confined within a sheet metal cabinet to protect people and furniture from being exposed to the heating element, baseboards do not exhibit the same radiant heating effect as true radiant floor heating or wall-mounted panel radiators. They can, however, be a cost-effective alternative to forced air heating.

There are numerous manufacturers of baseboard units here in the US. One that we use often is Slant Fin. They manufacturer a full line of baseboard units—from a basic, lightweight residential line up to heavy- duty commercial models. Their products can be viewed at the SLANT FIN website.


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