Living off the grid in Southern Oregon.

Stand-Alone Power Generation

Living off the grid with solar energy can be a cost-effective way to meet the electrical needs of residential or agricultural customers when conventional power would be very difficult and/or extremely expensive to bring to your property. Installation can range from a single PV panel that will pump water, to large systems designed to power an entire home or farm.
For properties in very remote settings, we offer full service system design and installation services.

If you’re committed to operating your home or business with 100% solar power, storage and back-up systems must be included in the design. Installations in Southern Oregon require a battery bank as well as a generator to supplement the solar electric panels during the cloudy winter months. Current battery systems use either AGM or flooded lead acid cells.

Interested in getting off the grid?

Please contact us to discuss your specific situation. If you’re considering the purchase of property in a remote location, Alternative Energy Systems is happy to perform a site survey to assess the viability of an off-grid solar electrical system. It’s important we get involved early because many important decisions will need to be made regarding the design of your system. Being your own power producer can be a liberating experience, but it means making smart choices early on. We’ll make sure you’re informed and pro-active every step of the way.


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