Frequently asked questions about radiant heat systems.

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Hydronic radiant heat uses the thermal energy stored in hot water to heat your living space. Rather than forcing warm air through ducts and vents, hydronic radiant heat is transported to living areas via silent, hidden pipes.
Most people feel hydronic radiant heat is more comfortable than forced air because it more evenly heats the living space, and produces no noise or air flow. Comfort is the primary reason people choose hydronic radiant heat.
Maybe. A hydronic radiant heating system in most Rogue Valley homes will be comparable to a forced air heating system. If you compare a high-efficiency forced air heating system (95% combustion efficiency) to a radiant floor hydronic heating system using a modulating, condensing boiler (94% combustion efficiency) there will not be any significant difference in annual fuel costs.
The higher the efficiency, the better. A high-efficiency boiler with a combustion efficiency rating over 90% is an excellent choice for propane or natural gas. An electric boiler is a low cost system to install but the annual fuel costs may be higher. A geo-thermal heat pump is the best source of warm water for a hydronic heating system, but it has temperature limitations that make it difficult to use in every case.
Three factors determine the cost. First, the type of hot water generator. Second, the type of floor construction. Gypcrete, for example, is generally more expensive than concrete. Finally, the size of the space. Contact Alternative Energy Systems with a set of plans and we’ll be happy to give you an estimate.
If the floor heating system is a high mass system (concrete or gypcrete) the use of a setback thermostat is not recommended. Some of the low mass radiant systems (Warmboard and wall mounted radiators) may give satisfactory results using a setback thermostat.

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