Frequently asked questions about solar energy systems in Southern Oregon.

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The simple payback period for a residential solar electric system in the Rogue Valley is shorter than it’s ever been. It can range from 4 years on a smaller system and up to 15 years on larger systems.
Most system pricing can be compared by looking at the cost per watt. If you divide the total installed cost (in dollars) by the size of the system (in watts) for each bid that you receive, you will have a handy yardstick with which to compare prices.
Like all investments, there are many things to consider before making a purchase.

  • Are the components of the highest quality? Alternative Energy Systems offers Solarworld panels, which are made in Hillsboro, Oregon. Solarworld supports living wage jobs for Oregonians.
  • Are the warranties for materials and labor comparable? Even the best components, if poorly installed, will not be a good investment. Hire a contractor with experience, and check their references. Ask questions.
  • Are you being pressured to “buy today”? A good deal from a reputable contractor should be available tomorrow, too.
Now is a great time to invest in solar energy. An important consideration in your decision is the current level of tax credits and utility incentives. Today’s net costs are only about 10-50% of the actual cost of installing a system—the remainder of the cost is paid through various incentives. As actual costs decline due to better technology and faster installation techniques, the organizations that provide the incentives.

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