Tax rebates and utility incentives for wind energy systems.

Wind power is gaining popularity around the country. As the cost of energy continues to rise, many states and utilities are offering substantial subsides and wind energy incentives for the installation of wind machines.

Federal Tax Credit

The federal tax credit for residential wind machines is 30% and has no cap.

Oregon Tax Credit

The State of Oregon tax credit for wind machines is $2 per kW-hr first year production, with a maximum credit of $6,000 and a maximum per year credit of $1,500. This credit requires verifiable, historical wind data from at or near your site. This usually requires the installation of an anemometer at your site to record wind data for at least a year.

The Energy Trust of Oregon

The Energy Trust also offers an incentive for wind power, and is predicated upon tower height, and wind map data for your particular site.


You can review all of the available wind incentives at the DSIREUSA website.

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