How much does it cost to install a wind energy system?

There are three important points to keep in mind as you consider power generation with a wind machine.

1. Calculate your Wind Resource

It’s important to perform a thorough evaluation of the wind resource at your location. One of the most common disappointments customers have with a wind turbine installation is that the system does not produce nearly as much power as they thought it would (or that they were lead to believe by the installing contractor). This happens for two main reasons:

  • It takes a lot of effort to do an accurate wind resource assessment.
  • People tend to notice the windy days but not the more numerous calm days.
  • This leads some to believe we live in a very windy area.

2. Calculate your Total Cost

Second, it’s important to research the total cost of your proposed wind machine. Do this calculation:

1. Add the cost of the wind turbines + installation + future repairs. This gives you the estimated lifetime cost of the machine.

2. Compare that figure to the amount of energy you expect the machine to produce in its lifetime. Alternative Energy Systems can provide you with a knowledgeable estimate of annual production for your site. Unlike solar energy, the available wind resource varies greatly from site to site. To get the most accurate production estimate possible, and anemometer must be installed at the site for at least a year.

3. Divide the lifetime cost of the machine by the lifetime power production and compare it to what you currently pay for power. This calculation will help you decide if wind energy is a good investment.

3. Investigate your Options

Third, compare the cost of power produced by your proposed wind machine to solar and other environmentally friendly sources. you have a number of options, so explore them before you commit. Keep in mind that green power can be expensive, so don’t be discouraged if you cannot beat the power company at its own game. We’ll help you make decisions about the cost of wind energy based on the facts.


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