Wall mounted radiators can be installed in any existing home or business.

Wall-mounted panel radiators have many of the characteristics of radiant floor heat, but with the additional advantage that panel radiators can be easily “retro-fitted” to existing spaces.

If you’ve traveled to Europe, you may have noticed that this style of hydronic radiant heat is very common. Available in many shapes and sizes, wall-mounted radiators are constructed of steel. They can be powder- coated in any color to match your decor.

Zoning for small spaces is easy to accomplish. Individual rooms can be controlled as separate heating zones, providing exceptional comfort and control, room-by-room. Groups of wall-mounted radiators can be controlled by an electric thermostat or each radiator can be controlled with a non-electric thermostatic valve.

Myson is a German manufacturer whose products we’ve installed in many homes. you can view their product line at the MYSON website.


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